Top Tech action at the Oslo Lounge

SXSW Interactive day 2 was an eventful day for Oslo, with no less than three events at the Oslo Lounge. The people travelling from Oslo and Norway are definitely not in Austin just to have fun. We do a lot of that, too, of course.

Unacast used the Oslo Lounge to launch the world´s first network for beacon technology and had invited some of the most innovative companies within proximity and context, Pulsate, Signal360, Location Based Marketing Association, VG to a conversation about the impact of the fast-moving introduction and use of beacons to connect the physical and the digital worlds.

There will be outcries over privacy issues, but as Joacim Lund of Aftenposten says, there is no reason to freak ot, as this will happen no matter what.

Unacast´s Conclusion: If we as an industry look past “the shiny objects” and deliver use cases with real value, proximity will unlock the potential in Internet of Things by interconnecting physical and digital.

The Unacast session was followed by a series of short stories by tech startups and the investor side, brilliantly led by Fred Schmidt of the Austin-based tech incubator the Capital Factory. Opera, AppearIn, Unacast, Recho and Kahoot were on the spot from the startup side and Alliance Venture from the investor side, all sharing their stories and journeys.