A nordic pitch battle ground at the Oslo Lounge

Based on the quality of the pitching companies, the skills of the jury and the enthusiasm of the audience, a Nordic pitching battle is the way to combine startup-entertainment and -insights.

This evening produced a great picture of the blooming startup scene of Oslo and Copenhagen, and some deep insights into the forefront of tech development, as the pithces covered a broad spectre of areas ranging from music tech, to gaming based edutech, and adtech.

The Nordic startup stars were: Unacast, Audiocase, Shute, Livetake, Saxo, uCommerce, Wallbreaker, Kahoot!, Volt, Feat.fm, Wonderloop and Recho. See the startup presentations here.

The audience was engaged in the selection of a winner by scoring all 12 pitching companies on the same three variables as the jury:
1 Presentation delivery and how well the message came across
2 Business potential and scaleability
3 Idea uniqueness and innovation

And the audience favourite and first place was shared by the two MASHUP.no companies Feat.fm and Recho, both music tech companies.

A well experienced jury had a bit of a different take on the score. They were all mesmerised by the rhetoric skills and content of Kjartan Slette´s presentation, and gave his company Unacast the first place.

The jury consisted of Henrik Lie-Nielsen/Knowit, Jan Larsen/Technical University of Denmark, Aya Zook/Microsoft Ventures, Jeremy Harper/Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator and Will Levitt/Northside Media Group